Readability Redux 1.1
February 28, 2010

Ever been annoyed by crappy styling of online newspaper sites? Worry no more! Readability (by Arc90) is a wonderful tool that puts default text placement and styling into overdrive.

What Readability does is, it removes everything but the primary content of the page (which it recognizes pretty well). The resulting text & images is then formatted and styled according to the principles of web typography. It makes reading online text really, really pleasurable.

It happens that I’m the maintainer of Readability Redux, the Google Chrome extension that adds support for the original library (Chrome, as opposed to Firefox, doesn’t allow drag n’ drop of links into the toolbar, hence extension needed).

If you haven’t checked out this tool yet, do it now – Arc90 has released an upgraded version that includes additional styling options. More, the new styles utilize Typekit –¬†another interesting tool that makes the Web more beautiful.

The main point of this post, though, is that I’ve released Readability Redux 1.1, supporting the aforementioned upgraded version.


PS. Readability Redux is hosted on GitHub.