is a simple build, install & uninstall automation tool. Instead of giant monsters like make, jam, cmake and so on, follows the KISS principle. It’s written in Python. Furthermore, every Buildfile is also a Python script itself. It provides great functionality without that all fluff about interpreting complex syntax. is written with portablity with mind, so it can be used on a variety of platforms that python handles.

Currently is still experimental, so it’s very likely that next releases can break any compatibility. You have been warned. Actual version is 0.2.5. I’m gonna make a short series of posts in a form of ‘Getting Started’ guide to present capabilities. ultimate plan is to be usable for end-users without prior knowledge. For instance, it’s obvious that average user of Windows has no idea of any of usual dev tools like compiler, linker, make. It this situation it’s crucial that should be useful for them also. For these reasons is planned to have GUI interface, ideal for OSes where users aren’t used to the command line.


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